Each Dish below Comes with your Choice of Steamed White Rice, Steamed Brown Rice or Egg Fried Rice. Substitute Lo Mein for Rice for $2.00

Prepared with your choice of

Tofu 8.95
Chicken 9.50
Beef 10.45
Shrimp 10.95

  • General Tso’s

    Tossed in Chinese most famous "General Tso Sauce" with carrots and broccoli

  • Kung Pao

    Stir-fried with red chili peppers, carrots, onions, bamboo shoots, green peppers in spicu Kung Pao sauce topped with peanuts and green onions

  • Tangy Sesame

    Lightly breaded and fried, tossed in a sweet sesame sauce with green bean and onions

  • Soy Ginger Broccoli

    Sauteed carrots and broccoli in savory soy ginger sauce

  • Mongolian

    Stir-fried with ginger, garlic, onions and sweet spicy soy sauce

  • Sweet and Sour

    Battered and breaded served with pineapple and bell pepper and sweet and sour sauce on the side

  • Spicy Curry

    Thai red curry sauce with bamboo shoots, carrots, onions and green bean

  • Stir Fried Vegetables

    Sauteed vegetables combination of broccoli, green bean, bamboo shoots, bell pepper, carrots, onions and baby corn

  • Sweet Garlic Vegetables

    Vegetables combination in a sweet spicy garlic sauce

  • Mandarin Orange

    Zesty honey-mandarin-citrus flavor sauce with green bean and mandarin orange

  • Black Pepper

    Wok-tossed with onions and bell peppers in a savory black pepper sauce

  • Teriyaki

    Classic and sweet teriyaki sauce, cabbage and broccoli

  • Moo Goo Gai Pan

    Traditional Chinese dish with mushrooms, napa cabbage, carrots and green bean in a light white wine sauce

  • Spicy Hu-Nan

    Stir-fried shredded vegetables, onions, carrots, green bean, baby corn and broccoli

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